A pig ewwwww…. why?

For years, I have wanted a pig. Why? I don’t know I just wanted one. I realize they are not real sexy animals, certainly not dignified looking- I have always just liked their vibe. Though I have never lived on a farm, California born and raised, I have gone to a few fairs and have seen the big sows with their brood. I have not necessarily been drawn to the tiny cuteness of the babies but more so to the laid back attitude of the sow.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not oblivious to the instinctual meanness of a momma sow who will viciously attack to protect her babies. But there is still that soul of a pig spirit that calls out to me.

I have never been in the situation to have a pig, however, that didn’t keep me from adoring them from afar. Life moved quickly and I filled my life with a happy bunch of kids and whatever animal that happened in our life including our beloved dogs Ruby;  a Saint Bernard, and Hemingway; an Australian Sheppard, Persian Cats, Stray Cats, Hamsters, a Rabbit, 4ft long Iguana, Hermit Crabs, and various fish.

But no pig, until NOW!!!!  Sooo why a pig…How a pig? I believe it was more of a spiritual decision, or perhaps a mid life crisis…I don’t know I just know I REALLY wanted one. My very best friend recently died of cancer, and I am turning 50… Many women want face lifts, breast implants, lippo suction, diamonds or even a shiny new car, not me; I want a pig.

The urge for a pig was not a desperate oh my goodness I am almost 50 I need a pig! Years ago I researched what was then called pot bellie pigs. OHHHHH, my goodness the babies were so absolutely adorable; tiny little snouts and precious, little curly tails… I would have, in a heart beat, adopted one of those porkers, but I had a house full of kids and no room to spare. I had read enough to know that, in approximately 36 months, precious little piggy would be precious giant piggy, although still hugely cute- too large to hang out on my lap. My 120 pound Saint Bernard was too large for my lap too, and I hoped for a little smaller pet.

 Since my first inquiry, 8 or so years ago, on having a pig for a pet, my house has become a bit quieter and we have a little more room. I was back to searching through the mountains of information on domesticated pigs. I realized immediately that things had changed drastically. No longer were the pig sites repping pot bellies, but now they flaunted the micro mini teapot tiny pocket nano ittzy bittzy piglet. Confusing, yes… but I have been on a mission. Weeks, days, hours, frustrating contradictions, ridiculous promises and site after site with pictures of only the cutest, tiniest creature touted as pigs. In my research I found an overriding theme…every pig seller has the best and the tiniest pigs available.  Sites claiming they have “the world’s tiniest pigs”, “the only non pot bellies available”, “a special breed of tiny that can not be found anywhere else…” When you look at the logic that means that sellers are selling a load of pig berries. One particular site was so bold as to offer money guarantees for adult size. I guess he has a direct connection to God himself and or the ability to predict the future. My husband was wholly opposed to owning a pig; he’s a farmer/ rancher from Nebraska could not conceptualize the appeal to a pig for anything other than a nice addition to the breakfast meal or even a nice meat for dinner. The appeal was the only thing sellers and breeders could agree on: Pigs are extremely smart animals, very clean, long life span, no pet fur to deal with,  no fleas and no allergies, sounds like a PERFECT animal to me.  With an optimistic and open mind coupled with a huge desire for a pig I decided to dig in and find my soul pig.

Hours turned to days and days turned to weeks, weeks into months (you get the gist; a long time), and then BAM hello micro mini pig that clearly needs to be in my home. This little spotted white piglet literally jumped off the website and sat on my consciousness for days to follow. I didn’t want to be impulsive. The financial aspect was enough to freak my husband out 4300.00 for a PIG!! An expensive animal that will serve nothing more than companionship- not okay, (in his mind). Again may I remind you as I did my husband- I am turning 50 and I am not asking for a shiny new car, a 4 carat diamond ring, breast implants or a face lift…just a pig.

I felt confident that I had done my homework and it was time to get pig.. I’ve decided to blog my journey of owning a mini pig. Using a decidedly personal voice and possibly a rant, here and there, I will probably sound like I am talking to myself, then again I may, in fact, be talking to myself. My entries will be in chronological order focusing on my thoughts feeling and reactions to the search, the arrival and then the daily goings of our pig tale.

It should be obvious that my choice is not impulsive and I truly hope that all wanna be pig owners are just as conscientious- Make smart choices- I am so saddened by the many pig sanctuary overcrowded by abandoned pigs; abandoned because the little piggy grew up to be a big piggy and the wanna be pig owner undoubtedly only wanted to be an itty bitty tiny baby pig owner. Be kind to pigs…to all animals…to EACH OTHER!!!

If you have any stories to share, comments to make, or concerns to vent, feel free to post it here- I am excited to talk with pig owners or wanna be owners; after all we have something in common, we love the spirit of a pig.

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